Works by Robert P. Arthur

Books (Poetry, Poem/ Plays, fiction)

New Gothic Restaurant
University Press of America

Four Poets in Virginia
Hague Press

Hymn to the Chesapeake
Road Publishers

The Libertine
Stonehall Publishing

Guests of the Nation
Stonehall Publishing

Phaedra (including Apology)
DHK Publishers

Front Porch Trilogy

Fut Gar and the Nature of Evil
Stonehall Publishing

Crazy Horse in Heaven
Stonehall Publishing

Music of Leaves
Stonehall Publishing

Horse Hammock Point
Stonehall Publishing

Crazy Horses’ Woman
London Books

Robert Arthur’s Eastern Shore
Blue Moon Plays

Hymn to the Chesapeake (play)

Expanded Hymn to the Chesapeake
Rolling Olive Press

A Chesapeake Celebration
San Francisco Bay Press

Koehler Books

Winter Tales by Candlelight
San Francisco Bay Press

San Francisco Bay Press

Vija’s War and Other Poems
San Francisco Bay Press

Black Gum Against Thunder
Northampton House Press

Angel Band
Blue Moon Plays

San Francisco Bay Press

Silver Beach Road
Unicorn Bay Press


River Country
Unicorn Bay Press

Robert P. Arthur: Selected Works
Northampton House Press

Master William and the Finman
Rolling Olive Press

Rasputin: The Libertine
Blue Moon Plays

Floyd Collins and the White Angels of Sand Cave
Blue Moon Plays (Upcoming)

Produced Plays and Poem/Plays, and Plays in Poetic Diction

The Libertine (Frederick Theatre, Portsmouth; James Madison, Virginia; New York Showcase Theatre)

Guests of the Nation (Frederick Theatre, Portsmouth)

King over the Water (Frederick Theatre, Portsmouth)

Floyd Collins and the White Angels of Sand Cave (Wells Theatre, Norfolk)

Hymn to the Chesapeake multiple performances in Virginia; Maryland; Washington D.C.; New York City: St. Petersburg, Russia; Bodo, Norway; Chrysler Museum in Norfolk; Sports Center in Portsmouth; Lynchburg, Virginia; Tangier Island, Virginia; State Fair, Richmond, Virginia; Virginia Wesleyan college, Norfolk; Regent University, Virginia Beach; Magic Babylon, San Francisco; Wilkes University Maslow series, Pennsylvania; Salisbury, Maryland Festival; Hanley High School, Winchester. Virginia. Other

Phaedra (Christopher Newport University for Washington Diplomatic Community of Washington DC.)

Front Porch Trilogy ( North Street Playhouse, Onancock, Va.; Virginia Beach Pavilion), Wilkes University, Generic Theatre in Norfolk
Lonely in Onley
Matins of the Sook
The Ghost of Marina

Fut Gar and the Nature of Evil (Regent University, Va. Beach; Trawler Dinner Theatre, Exmore, Virginia)

Music of leaves (Second Story Theatre, Norfolk)

Horse Hammock Point (multiple locations in Virginia, Trawler Dinner Theatre)

A Chesapeake Celebration (Playwright’s Theatre of New York, Williamsburg)

Crazy Horse’s Woman (Generic Theatre, Norfolk)

Winter Tales by Candlelight (Generic Theatre in Norfolk)

Vija’s War (Edge Theatre in Belle Haven, Virginia)

Jellies and Jam (Marine Science Museum in Virginia Beach)

Hymn to the Chesapeake (dance suite) Chrysler Museum, Norfolk; Regent University, Virginia Beach)

Threshold to America Six Locations in Virginia, with Bob and Marlene Ford, East Virginia Brass Quintet

River Country (Written with Carolyn Kreiter Foronda) Williamsburg Poetry Festival of the Poetry Society of Virginia

All Hallows (40th Street Playhouse: Norfolk, Virginia; Edge Theatre, Belle Haven, Virginia )

Under the Bed (40th Street Playhouse: Norfolk, Virginia; Edge Theatre, Bell Haven, Virginia)

History of Music (40th Street Playhouse: Norfolk, Virginia; Edge Theatre, Bell Haven, Virginia)

Ur (North Street Playhouse, Onancock, Va)

Snow North Street Playhouse, Onancock, Va., Poetry Society of Virginia, Williamsburg

The Novelist (Edge Theatre, Belle Haven, Virginia)

Roses so Red (Stryker theater, Williamsburg, Va.)

The Tackle (Wilkes University for M.F.A. students)

New York (Wilkes University for M.F.A. students)

Apology (Wilkes University for M.F.A. students)

The Liar’s Bench (Wilkes University for M.F.A. students)

The Liar’s Ward (Wilkes University for M.F.A. students)

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