Virginian Poet, Novelist, & Playwright.

Meet Robert P. Arthur.

A twice-finalist for Poet Laureate of Virginia, Bob Arthur has written over twenty-six books spanning 5 decades. His best-selling book of poetry, "Hymn to the Chesapeake," has been produced as a musical play of the same name and performed on grants in St. Petersburg, Russia; as well as in Washington; New York; Maryland; and throughout Virginia.

About Bob Arthur

Robert P Arthur is a celebrated, award winning poet and author with lifetime of experience as an educator, full professor, and MFA Writer-in-Residence.


The book has all of the author’s skill and lovely, rhythmical language, but also a sense of loss of both life and love, the former viewed with both curiosity and indifference, the latter producing some of the author’s most moving love poems. The sea is. however, ever present, just like in his other works. It […]

Silver Beach Road

The first forty pages of the book is a nakedly autobiographical look at the first ten years of the author’s life on the water on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Written in gulps and fleeting drizzles or shadows, each section is written in its own style from high diction to short thrusts of tough guy […]

The Front Porch Trilogy

Three one-act plays: half serious and half comic comedies reflective of life on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland in the 1940’s, inundated with ghosts in hooty owl form, fisher folk fighting to stay in their homes by the bay, and intrusive memories. “Matins of the Sook,” much performed, is considered one of Arthur’s […]

New Gothic Restaurant

Collected stories by Arthur and E.B. Winestock, New Gothic Restaurant is the first book to which Arthur affixed his name. The book contains traditional and experimental fiction. Winestock’s life was cut short by a tragic early death. The book shows the influence of four of Arthur’s most influential teachers: Clifford Dowdey, William Harrison, Miller Williams, […]

Crazy Horse’s Woman

Flat out ignoring of time, space, and reality, and employing surrealism, contemporary philosophy, and Whitehead’s Corollary, as well as hysterical sexuality and obsession with bloody death, this heroine’s account is history based but follows it’s explosive poetic language into stunning truths of the human condition. Adults only, but maybe not all adults. Can be performed […]

Vija’s War

Arthur visits a wide range of themes ranging from the Russian occupation of Latvia during WWII, a study of the Jamestown colony stripped of its fairy tale sheen, a examination of the sons of Adam, and more. Available Amazon. $14.99 Order Now

Hymn to the Chesapeake (poem/play with music)

Adapted from Hymn to the Chesapeake, the best-selling poetry book in Road Publisher’s history, this national and international experiment with a new form, the Poem/Play, has been seen by thousands in part or full (San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York City, Norway, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and St. Petersburg, Russia. This poetic tribute to the Eastern […]

Horse Hammock Point

As a sequel to the poem/play, Hymn to the Chesapeake, Robert P. Arthur continues the story of Tommy, Hymn’s protagonist. Tommy’s yearns for the return of his son, lost at sea. The poem/play, like Hymn to the Chesapeake and Stroke is achingly beautiful and solidifies Arthur as both dramatist and one or most powerful poets […]

River Country

Based on the poetry of Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda and dramatized by Robert P. Arthur, the musical poem/play moves from a out of body life-death experience when she was young to her marriage to South American Indian Patricio Foronda and her development as a painter and poet on the western bank of the Chesapeake Bay, the work […]

Master William and the Finman

After the death of his mother, rumored to be a seal (a selkie), during The Golden Age of Piracy, thirteen-year-old William is shipped out of his home in the Orkneys on a privateer, escaping the British. William uses his uncanny sense of direction to navigate through complex channels and sea lanes. A mysterious dark sorcerer […]

Robert P. Arthur: Selected Works

Internally known for his Hymn to th Chesapeake, Robert P. Arthur is a virtuoso practitioner of a wide of forms that demonstrate an acute feel for beauty and a dramatic sense of place. Here are Arthur’s best poems over a forty year period. Reading it, one wonders if his affinities for byways and love of […]

Robert Arthur’s Eastern Shore

The book includes 4 one-act plays,  a selection of his award-winning poems, and “Hymn to the Chesapeake,” a play with music. The culture of the Eastern Shore watermen and waterwomen has long been threatened by the erosion of winds off the Chesapeake Bay and a dwindling supply of crabs and “ersters” to be harvested.  These […]

Hymn to the Chesapeake (Expanded Edition)

In stunningly gorgeous and evocative language, Arthur resurrects the almost lost culture and physical presence of the Eastern Shore—it’s fishing villages, crafts, people, language, flora and fauna- with a display of drama and resurrected diction rarely seen in modern poetry. Expanded coffee table book with photographs by internationality celebrated pictorialist Aubray Bodine. Available in paperback […]

Fut Gar and the Nature of Evil

Fut is cutting edge material challenging the choreographer and director to merge martial arts forms with modern dance and poetry to fashion a one-of-a-kind choreo poem. Taking a deliberating Western view of Eastern philosophy, the poem serves as a poetic framework for the evolving mental states of a man on woman facing the death of […]


Phaedra is a post-modern verse treatment of an ancient myth in modern poetry, not a translation or adaptation of another work. It won five Port Folio Awards, including Best Play and was chosen to be performed before the diplomatic corps of Washington, D.C. starring European film star, Ina Gogolova.  Available through Blue Moon Press. Order […]


Robert P. Arthur is one of our finest contemporary poets of the sea and is a principal poetic voice in the capture of the Chesapeake Bay and a way of life that is passing into history. Strokes is a brilliant complement to the famous book of poems, Hymn to the Chesapeake, which became known nationally […]

Music of Leaves

Combining poetry, dance, biographical notes, music and drama, Music of leaves is an intensely beautiful and ultimately heartbreaking look at the life, work, and interior landscape of Vincent Van Gogh. Through the talents of poet/playwright Robert P. Arthur and scholar Bob Kunzinger, Music follows Van Gogh painting by painting from his birth as an artist […]


Robert P. Arthur and Aphrodite Anagnost are a terrifying pair of gifted verbalist who have pulled off one of the most evocatively written horror novels in decades. The winner of the Chanticleer book prize for a ghost story, Passover chronicles a day and night in the lives of a wealthy rural family that discovers through […]

Angel Band

Corey Coots is a rising star in the snake-handling Sign’s Following Church in the hills of Appalachia, He is supported by his wife, Star, who after his death aspires to become a preacher like her husband. Her world is disrupted again when an autistic student from UK arrives to win her heart as well as […]

Crazy Horse in Heaven

After the conflagration of the third world war breaks the bonds of consensual reality, ten brutal and psychologically damaged men set out on horseback into a wilderness of inexplicable natural phenomena. Crazy Horse in Heaven is a wild and haunting epic of light and dark. Filled with unpredictable philosophical, psychological and physical horror,it delivers a […]

January 6, 2020

Hymn to the Chesapeake (Poems)

Ranked as one of the finest books ever written about Tidewater, Virginia, Hymn is the best-selling book of its publisher, Road Publishers, and the primary reason its author has been a finalist for Poet Laureate in Virginia twice, as well as ranked among Virginia’s most popular authors. In stunningly gorgeous and evocative language, he resurrects […]

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