The Libertine— Awarded production in a contest conducted by James Madison University’s Thomas Arthur (no relation) and then selected for Showcase Theatre in New York City.

Nominated for Library of Virginia Book Prize for Vija’s War (Collection of Poem/Plays, San Francisco Bay Press) 2008

Chesapeake Celebration—Grant for production in Williamsburg from the Chesapeake BayFoundation

Robert Arthur, Henry Taylor (Pulitzer Prize for Poetry), and “The Walton’s” creator, Earl Hamner, Jr., were chosen as script judges for the Virginia Film Festival, produced in part by Sissy Spacek.

Crazy Horse’s Woman: Poet Folio Award—poem/play

Nominated for Library of Virginia Book Prize for Hymn to the Chesapeake

Master William and the Fin Man won the Mary Ann Farley Award for Fiction, Virginia Writers Conference

Karma Dean Ogden Memorial Award for Sunday Seizure

Jean S. Desmond Ekphrastic Poem Prize for Appearances

Various poem prizes from the Poetry Society of Virginia include awards for: Snakes, Windlass Chantey, Huntin’ Creek, Spruce, The Forest, Occohannock Road, Family Reunion, James Town Journey, and,Pure Winter Comes.

Chanticleer Book Prize for Horror Novel (ghost story with Aphrodite Anagnost)

J. Franklin Dew Award for Poetry

Six Pushcart nominations (The Rolling Olive)

Lifetime Achievement Award for Playwriting, Criticism, and founding (with William Candler) the Port Folio Drama Awards in Virginia Beach.

Phaedra: Best Play in Hampton Roads, Port Folio Awards
(set, costumes, direction, actress, script). Produced for diplomatic community of Washington, D.C. staring international film star Ina Gogolova

Hymn to the Chesapeake: Most Innovative Play, Port Folio Award. Recipient of three grants

Hymn to the Chesapeake—Grant for production on Tangier Island from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Chosen for production at Small Press Center in New York City. Two grants for production in St, Petersburg, Russia in a cultural exchange with Baltic State University and the state of Virginia. Port Folio Award for Most Innovative Theater. Chosen for production at Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach by President Larry Whitworth— compulsory attendance for faculty. Chosen for production at Richmond State Fair. Poetry League special performance at Sports Hall of Fame in Portsmouth, Virginia. The poem/play has an estimated 90 performances and readings, including those in California, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Norway, and Russia. Red Eft Editions is currently broadcasting a piece of it, Where Do the Crabs Go?, to 190 countries, Christian in Theater Arts Award: A lifetime achievement award from Regent University for playwriting, poetry and criticism.

Award of Appreciation from the Hampton Roads Theater Community for a career as playwright/poet and critic in the Tidewater region

Virginia VCCS Grant for production of Hymn to the Chesapeake in St. Petersburg, Russia

Chesapeake Bay Foundation sponsorship for production of Hymn to the Chesapeake on Tangier Island

Southeastern Virginia Theater Award, Distinguished Service

Twelve grants for productions of Threshold to American (poem/play on Jamestown) at various localities in Virginia, including a grant from the Irene Leach Foundation. With Bob and Marlene Ford and the Eastern Virginia Brass Quintet, and composer Leigh Baxter.

Grant from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for the production of Chesapeake Celebration in Williamsburg.

Cited by Peoples Academy of the Arts at Norfolk State University for Print Journalism in Drama Criticism

Creative Writing Award, University of Arkansas

Baucum Fulkerson Award for Literary Excellence

Awards from poetry societies of Florida, and New Hampshire

Nominated for Best New Play in Hampton Roads, Crazyhorse’s Woman

Won the Mary Ann Farley Award for Fiction for Storm Caller

President Emeritus, The Poetry Society of Virginia

International Award for Business Communications (feature story)

Granby High School Hall of Fame

Seay Fellowship (for graduate work at the University of Richmond)

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