Strokes is a brilliant complement to the famous book of poems, Hymn to the Chesapeake, which became known nationally and internationally, and was followed by Horse Hammock Point.

Rare Book available through Author. Published by San Francisco Bay Press.


Passover Robert P. Arthur and Aphrodite Anagnost are a terrifying pair of gifted verbalists who have pulled off one of the most evocatively written horror novels in decades. The winner of the Chanticleer book prize for a ghost story, Passover chronicles a day and night in the lives of a wealthy rural family that discovers […]

Fut Gar and the Nature of Evil

Fut Gar and the Nature of Evil Fut is cutting edge material challenging the choreographer and director to merge martial arts forms with modern dance and poetry to fashion a one-of-a-kind choreo poem. Taking a deliberating Western view of Eastern philosophy, the poem serves as a poetic framework for the evolving mental states of a […]

Horse Hammock Point

Horse Hammock Point As a sequel to the poem/play, Hymn to the Chesapeake, Robert P. Arthur continues the story of Tommy, Hymn’s protagonist. Tommy’s yearns for the return of his son, lost at sea. The poem/play, like Hymn to the Chesapeake and Strokes, is achingly beautiful and solidifies Arthur as both dramatist and one or […]

Crazy Horse’s Woman

Crazy Horse’s Woman Flat out ignoring time, space, and reality, and employing surrealism, contemporary philosophy, and Whitehead’s Corollary, as well as hysterical sexuality and obsession with bloody death, this heroine’s account is history-based but follows it’s explosive poetic language into stunning truths of the human condition. Adults only, but maybe not all adults. Can be […]

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